Bedroom Design Mistakes

11 Bedroom Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid!

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to keeping our focus and energy levels high, and our body healthy. A comfortable and well-designed bedroom can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. 

However, sometimes, we make mistakes in our bedroom design that can negatively affect our sleep. From lighting to furniture, there are many things we need to consider when decorating our bedroom. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the common bedroom design mistakes that can ruin your sleep and how to avoid them.

Your Bed Is Too Large

Large beds can be considered luxurious and may be on your bedroom wish list. However, it’s important to check the dimensions and ensure that the space in your room can accommodate a super king bed without obstructing footboards or posts. Additionally, keep in mind that you’ll likely need to fit other storage and seating furniture in the room alongside the bed.

To solve the issue of colliding with the bed and getting bruises, it is important to carefully consider the size of your new bed. Make sure that the passageways on either side of the bed are spacious enough to comfortably walk through, without the need to squeeze sideways. Additionally, the area at the end of the bed should also have ample room for movement. When choosing a bed, it is crucial to be realistic about the size of your room and select a bed that fits well in proportion with the available space.

The Space Doesn’t Flow

If there’s more than one person sharing the bedroom, it’s likely that you’re aware of the high-traffic areas. It’s worth considering reorganizing your space if one person frequently navigates while the other has the wardrobe door open. While open doors and drawers are the usual suspects, even large curtains bunching out into the small corridor between the wall and the bed can contribute to a crowded feeling in the room.

When considering how to solve the problem, think about the flow of walkways around the room and whether there is a way to prevent obstruction. One option is to use sliding doors on your wardrobe, similar to what they’ve done here. Another idea is to relocate doors that are frequently accessed to a quieter corner spot.

There Isn’t Enough Clothes Storage

When planning bedroom storage, you’ll likely face the challenge of reconciling two conflicting requirements. On one hand, you’ll desire a specific and appealing wardrobe furniture piece. On the other hand, you’ll need adequate storage space for your clothes, shoes, and bags. While an elegant armoire may complement the bed style, it might not provide sufficient capacity for all the items you realistically want to store.

Before making an impulsive purchase, it is important to consider the physical space available for storing clothing. Take the time to measure the hanging space needed and also think about how to store shoes effectively.

One solution to storage problems is fitted wardrobes, which offer hanging space, shelving, and even drawers. These wardrobes can be customized to fit the room and can extend all the way up to the ceiling. Alternatively, modular furniture can be sought out, providing the option to design your own storage solution.

You Can Never Find A Plug Socket

A lack of electrical points in bedrooms can be a frustrating design flaw, considering the growing number of gadgets requiring frequent charging. The traditional double socket behind the bed, once sufficient, can now become overloaded with multi-plugs and messy tangles of leads. To address this issue, there are a few options available.

If you’re planning a renovation, it’s advisable to make a list of all the gadgets you’ll be regularly plugging in and ensure you have enough electrical points to accommodate them all.

Even if you’re not planning a large-scale project, seeking advice from an electrician regarding the feasibility of installing a few extra sockets around the room can be beneficial.

You Played It Too Safe

When it comes to bedroom design, we can sometimes hesitate to incorporate bold elements, aiming for a calm and restful atmosphere. However, it is important not to hold back too much. Even well-designed rooms should display some character, even if it’s subtle.

So how can you address this? If you choose to maintain white walls and a bare floor, it’s crucial to introduce interest elsewhere in the room. For example, a geometric carved headboard paired with splashes of yellow and purple can make a striking statement in an otherwise simple room.

Your Desk Is Cluttering Your Room

Frequently, due to the limited space in a home, the bedroom becomes the only viable option for a desk. However, having an unattractive office area cluttered with piled-up work is not conducive to relaxation, which is essential for maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom.

To solve this problem, you can choose a stylish desk design that complements your bedroom’s scheme, provides ample storage for papers, and allows you to neatly hide everything at the end of the day. By selecting a desk like this one, you can keep your sleep space clutter-free and organized.

The Lighting Is Too Stark

To prevent bedrooms from appearing stark and bare with only a central ceiling light, it is essential to avoid the mistake of relying solely on bright and generalized lighting. Instead, aim to create a cozy ambiance by incorporating various lighting sources and fixtures.

To enhance your bedroom’s ambience, consider incorporating various lighting options. Most bedrooms benefit from the inclusion of bedside lamps, while wall lights or hidden LEDs can also be advantageous. While wall lamps typically require professional planning and installation by an electrician, plug-in wall lights can provide a convenient alternative. For a more soothing atmosphere, opt for warm-toned light bulbs and LEDs in your bedroom space.

There Is Nowhere To Sit

While it’s true that not every bedroom has enough space to accommodate an additional piece of furniture, having a designated spot to sit while getting dressed can prove to be incredibly convenient and practical.

To solve the seating issue, you have a few options. One option is to place a neat armchair in the corner, or you could consider placing a bench at the foot of the bed. Both of these options would provide great seating solutions. Additionally, an end-of-bed ottoman chest, like the one mentioned here, not only provides seating but also doubles up as storage, making it a versatile choice.

Some Areas Haven’t Been Used

In loft bedrooms, it is common to have numerous seemingly useless nooks and crannies. However, these spaces present an opportunity for clever storage solutions beneath sloping ceilings or alongside structural posts. Recognizing and utilizing these awkward spaces can greatly enhance the functionality of the bedroom.

To solve the problem, take a closer look at an area of the room that initially appears unusable. Consider incorporating some clever storage options, such as building low-eaves storage or fitting a wardrobe with diagonal-cut doors, to maximize the available space.

Zero Styling/Artwork

The bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most vital spaces in your home, if not the most crucial. It should truly represent your personal style and reflect your unique taste. To achieve this, consider incorporating various elements and accessories that enhance both the aesthetics and comfort of your bedroom. 

For instance, you can adorn the walls with a few captivating artworks or display a striking feature artwork as a focal point. Additionally, adding stylish elements like artistic vases and cozy rugs can introduce color and further amplify the cozy ambiance of your bedroom. Neglecting to utilize accessories may result in a room that feels monotonous and empty. 

Ultimately, you deserve a space where you eagerly anticipate laying down and unwinding at the end of the day. Let your bedroom become that sanctuary where you truly enjoy spending time and find solace.

Your Rug is Way Too Small

If your bedroom has wall-to-wall carpeting, you can skip this advice. However, if you have wood or another type of flooring, adding an area rug can significantly enhance the coziness of your space. When choosing a rug, avoid picking one that is too small or awkwardly positioned in the room. 

While sheepskins are super cozy, they are best placed next to the bed rather than underneath it. When shopping for area rugs, look for one that is wide enough to extend beyond the sides of the bed. This way, the rug will be visible and help prevent cold feet in the morning.


Your bedroom is the place where you should feel comfortable and relaxed, and your sleep space is no exception. Avoid these common bedroom design mistakes that can ruin your sleep and make sure your space promotes relaxation and good rest. Small changes can make a big difference, and investing in your sleep is investing in your wellbeing. Sweet dreams!

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