Pool Towel Rack Ideas

10 Pool Towel Rack Ideas For You

These fantastic outdoor towel rack alternatives are perfect if you’re sick of your towels being in a damp pile by your pool or hot tub.

These outdoor towel racks are fairly functional.

  • serving as a pool towel rack close to your pool
  • as towel racks for hot tubs
  • as outdoor towel racks for showers
  • or even for running through the sprinkler or slip-and-slide situations (yikes, brrrr)

Outdoor Towel Tree – portable, plastic outdoor towel rack by Milliard

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To increase stability, you can add water to the base of this freestanding outdoor towel tree from Milliard. It stands about five feet five inches tall.

Additionally, there are six places where you may hang your towels thanks to the three horizontal arms that slide into the vertical support piece. (But some claimed it didn’t hold up to the weight very well because it is made of plastic.)

Since it’s constructed of plastic, you can move it around your pool deck rather easily to follow the sun, if you so choose.

If you reside in a windy place, this is not the best option.

Although it appears to have been Photoshopped, the product photo below shows you what it would look like next to your outdoor pool.

Poolside Towel Tree – by Outdoor Lamp Company

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This well-liked and highly regarded outdoor towel tree is manufactured by “Outdoor Lamp Company” and is composed of PVC plastic. The base can be filled with sand or water.

Sand is a good choice since it eliminates the possibility of spilling water in the base while using it as a hot tub towel rack in the icy winter months.

Compared to the other towel tree discussed, this one is a little shorter. This one is fifty-inches tall, but the Milliard model is sixty-five inches tall. 

If you reside in a windy place, it can still fly over even though it is shorter. Thus, bear this in mind if your backyard is being blown by Santa Ana winds or other winds.

Plastic Outdoor Pool Towel Rack with wide base

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Although it is likewise composed of plastic (PVC plastic), this towel rack should withstand wind loads better than an outdoor towel tree because of its broader base.

It includes five horizontal towel bars that are broad, as well as shorter bars along the side that provide the unit support and increase the amount of hanging space.

The majority of the complaints are over the assembly instructions, despite its high rating.

Larger families or those who own a lot of pool accessories, such as diving toys and goggles, could find this to be an excellent choice.

Freestanding 7 Bar Pool Towel Rack

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Here’s another PVC plastic pool towel rack with seven bars to hang your towels on and a chic curved shape.

If you’re looking for a freestanding towel rack that won’t topple over in the wind, this is a great choice. Additionally, it is lightweight enough for you to maneuver around your yard with ease.

This will function as a towel drying rack (for most pool towel widths) because to the wide towel bars.

Curved 5-bar PVC Pool Towel Rack

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TowelMaid also makes this 5-bar towel rack. We have previously seen their 7-bar towel rack, which is a very large device.

It doesn’t take up as much room on the pool deck as the 7-bar unit, but it has a wider, more sturdy foundation than the towel trees.

Freestanding Bamboo Outdoor Towel Rack

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This chic bamboo towel rack is highly regarded and looks beautiful in your bathroom as well as being useful outside by your pool or hot tub.

You can only hold three towels on it because there are only three metal towel bars on it.

The fact that the bars on this towel rack are only roughly 20 inches wide—most pool towels are wider—is another possible drawback.

Your damp towels will therefore be “bunched up” on these bars. Towels that don’t have enough airflow will also take longer to dry. You may still use it to store your dry towels next to your hot tub or pool while you take a dip. (Plus, since a lot of people exit their hot tub and head inside, it’s not a huge deal if the towels dry outdoors.) 

Wall-mounted Swinging Metal Towel Rack

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This towel rack is a wonderful choice for windy places because it can be mounted to a wall, fence, or post. (Your towels will blow off a fixed towel rack like this, but it won’t tumble over; other freestanding pool racks can blow over and break in the wind.)

To allow you to space out the drying towels, all four arms may be rotated 180 degrees.

It may be installed outside or inside, depending on your preference, and as it is constructed of aluminum, it won’t corrode.

Note that the arms are narrow, measuring about 13 inches in width.

It is therefore not possible to hang a bath or pool towel here and have it rest flat on the bar.

Rather of being towel bars, these short arms are more akin to outdoor towel hangers.

Plastic Swinging Outdoor Towel Holder

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This is a different swinging towel holder that is composed of plastic.

The arms on this option are longer than on the other option stated above, which makes it cool.

This one’s arms measure 17 inches. Although most pool towels still can’t be laid flat, you will be able to drape more of the towel over your arm.

Hot Tub Towel Rack

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This towel rack, which fastens to the side of your hot tub, is made by MySpaCover. It offers a handy place for a towel to dry your hands and is a simple solution to keep your towels off the floor.

Although there isn’t enough room for two towels on this rod, you may install one on either side of your hot tub.

Mini Surfboard Hooks – can use as Outdoor Towel Hooks

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Do you want your pool or outdoor space to have a laid-back, surfer vibe? These are some small surfboard hooks that are widely used as towel hooks for outdoor use.

They come in a pack of six.

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