French Farmhouse Kitchens

15 Stunning French Farmhouse Kitchens

I’m a huge kitchen fan; it’s my favorite place in the house. They are what I fantasize about, stare at, and drool over the most. As you know, I’m also a fan of French style. So combining the two is total perfection for me!

French farmhouse kitchens are generally more rustic in style. They differ, of course, but they usually share rustic elements such as bare wood beams, textured tiling, and worn brick or stone. Furthermore, they usually lack top cabinets or use a variety of cabinet colors or styles.

This results in a lovely blend of rustic and sophisticated elegance, as well as a kitchen that appears to have evolved over time. 

Those beams and vintage lanterns – swoon! Thompson Custom Homes created this design.
One of my favourite kitchens! Brooke Giannetti created the design for Velvet and Linen.
I adore the European styling – particularly the tile backsplash. via Jenny O’Connor Studio.
I adore the grey/green hue on the cabinetry. Design by Ohara Davies-Gaetano for Veranda.
That hood, those old lanterns, the paintings strewn about. Perfection! via House Beautiful.
I love the rough stone floors! via Kevin Harris.
Beautiful stone chimney. via The Refined Group.
I love the chicken wire on the cupboard doors and the lovely vintage lamp. Jill Brinson created the design, which appears on House Beautiful.
Via Boxwood Home & Interiors.
I like how the vintage baskets, stone floors, and wood beams add texture to the space. Via the Dust-Jacket Attic.
Via Kristin Mullins.
The stone hearth is everything! Carolyne Ferguson Design.
So many fantastic aspects come together to produce this possibly the best “non-kitchen” kitchen ever! Via Veranda.
One of my all-time favorites. Design by Brittany Jones.
This is a set from Joanna Gaines’ cooking show, but I would gladly accept it! Via Magnolia.
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