Hanging Basket Ideas

16 Cute Hanging Basket Ideas For Your Home

There is something really appealing about hanging baskets.

They will catch your eye as soon as you approach a house, and each basket exudes an elegance that will be difficult to ignore.

These, in our opinion, are the kinds of elements that will improve the area and make it much simpler to appreciate it right away when everything is put up. Utilize the advantages of this kind.

We’re going to provide you some insight into the best hanging basket ideas if you’re not sure which way to go with them.

Macramé Hanging Planter

Source: Michelle Edgemont

Magicians who use macramé will adore this creation. Make your own adjustable hanging basket for your favorite houseplant with a few basic materials. The nicest part is that you may exhibit your hanging planter both inside your house and outside on your patio because the project requires for polyester rope.

Crochet Potholder

Source: Cassidy Garcia

Using materials you probably have lying around the house, like this crochet potholder, create a hanging succulent planter.

A basic crochet potholder can be made into a hanging succulent planter by using strands of yarn and wooden beads for decoration. After the project is complete, hang it in your workplace or kitchen and place a tiny succulent in the center.

Shampoo Bottle Planter

Source: Cassidy Garcia

Upcycling an empty shampoo bottle into a gorgeous hanging planter will help reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce. Your friends will ask you where you got it.

Cut off the top of the shampoo bottle with care, and remove the label to create a planter. For internal drainage, fill the bottle with potting soil and pebbles. To make the hanger, punch holes on the shampoo bottle’s sides and insert wire through them.

Shirt Sleeve Planter

Source:  Cassidy Garcia

Almost anything may be used to create a hanging planter, even an old white shirt! This easy-to-make basket concept doesn’t even need a sewing machine.

Create a distinctive design at a fabric market (we chose mudcloth), then make the hanger out of leather cording. Your project is finished when you add a wooden block as decoration.

Gorgeous Blue Flowers


It is crucial to keep your attention on the overarching topic when you are searching for hanging basket ideas.

Everybody will view this in a different way.

Blue flowers have a captivating aesthetic that will captivate you, which is why we adore this idea. These flowers are so fascinating to look at that it’s hard not to include them into your arrangement.

They will aid in establishing the mood, and you can ensure that this hue is used throughout the rest of the space.

Red Petunias


Although blue flowers have been discussed, red petunias are equally eye-catching.

They have a certain allure that is difficult to resist, and they will enthrall you. Over time, it will matter a great deal that you will recognize the red petunias’ inherent beauty.

You should start with the red petunias because they will make you grin if you’re looking for something bright and new.

Drooping Hanging Baskets


You should think about the hanging baskets’ length as you are sorting through hanging basket inspiration.

This is a crucial nuance.

The arrangement of the hanging baskets is equally as important as the baskets themselves. It makes sense to purchase something with a stronger focus on quality if you plan to select particular plants for the hanging baskets.

That’s why we love this drooping feature so much.

It is striking and will work wonders for getting things started straight away.

Assortment Of Colors


A variety of colors will always be captivating since they will inject some high-quality elements into the composition.

Those who want a colorful arrangement will find this to be appealing.

Selecting a single hue is not enough; you also need to make sure that the elements stand out in a way that appeals to you. This combination of hues is going to smile your face immediately and pop in the correct way.

Simple Baskets


As we examine various hanging basket designs, it’s natural to want to get as inventive as you can without knowing all of your possibilities.

It is typical for people to get perplexed and unsure of where to turn.

We recognize this and are aware of how challenging it can be to choose the best course of action and guarantee successful outcomes.

Therefore, consider this straightforward option.

It will be clean, simple, and in line with current fashions. What will make the entire arrangement as appealing as you want it to be is the simplicity of these hanging baskets.

Pink Hues


There is always something appealing about pink flowers.

As soon as everything is arranged, you will recognize their inherent beauty and elegance.

We appreciate this idea because of this.

When the pink blossoms are exposed to sunshine, their inherent beauty will shine through, enhancing the entire area. Why not make the most of this kind of opportunity?

This is the essence of a hanging basket’s true beauty. The pink blooms will add a pop of color and an excellent appearance.

Purple Flowers


One of our favorite flower colors is purple.

They will establish the mood for the space where you are hanging the baskets and have a majestic and endearing appearance. For individuals considering different hanging basket designs, this is crucial because you want to execute things correctly.

Why not make the most of these purple flowers?

You’re going to get this vibrant splash of color that’s both extravagant and endearing. Because these flowers will set the correct tone, this is crucial for people who wish to see the value in what they are doing.

Classy Ferns


Ferns are interesting since, by utilizing the hanging basket idea, you will be adding some texture in addition to attractiveness.

The most important factor will be the texture.

The elegance of the ferns will be what really stands out, thus this texture will astound you. Since this hanging basket design deviates from the conventional path that most people take, we think it to be one of the more intriguing ones.

Elegant Pink Flowers


Pink colors and how beautiful they may be after everything is put up have been discussed.

You are going to be able to see a glimpse of the general magnificence that these exquisite flowers bring with them with this specific hanging basket design.

You will be astounded by these pink blooms’ serene quality. This is one of the more appealing options up close in addition to looking excellent from a distance.

When attempting to customize the area where the hanging basket will be positioned, its personality is crucial.

Purple And Pink Flowers


The beauty of pink and purple flowers has already been discussed in this list.

It is imperative that you consider how to integrate them with this kind of hanging basket concept.

What will really impress you is the blooms’ overall grace. You will be in awe of its beauty, which is essential in this day and age. For those who wish to enhance the flowers’ inherent beauty, this is crucial.

Make sure you choose flowers that will be as eye-catching as possible by researching this.

White Flowers


The sight of white blooms is likely to be captivating.

The white blossoms will have a serene appearance, so you should consider their total beauty.

This is, in our opinion, an underappreciated choice for people looking for something crisp and new. You won’t be disappointed in that sense.

It’s a noble choice that will only finish the task at hand.

Yellow Flowers


Do you want your hanging basket idea to have a lot of color?

We are going to give you this kind of hanging basket idea as we are aware that it is frequently necessary during the warmer months.

Those golden blooms are gorgeous.

As soon as everything is arranged, the yellow blossoms will catch your attention and you will be amazed by their overall charm.

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