How To Choose A Rug Color For A Bedroom

How To Choose A Rug Color For A Bedroom?

When you consider refreshing your home for different seasons, starting with the bedrooms is a great idea. Focusing on your family’s quality of rest and wellness will create a serene and comfortable atmosphere.

For my own bedroom, I found inspiration in a softly faded silk rug that a friend bought for me during a trip to India several years ago. The combination of blues and greens creates a tranquil oasis that I love coming home to.

If you’re someone who enjoys following design trends or embraces your own unique style when decorating, it can be helpful to know what interior designers are currently doing. In this case, let’s explore some tips on choosing the best rug colors specifically for bedrooms.

For a serene and practical feel, consider incorporating serene neutrals such as cream, beige, gray, and blush pink. If you prefer a brighter yet still tranquil vibe, shades of blue and green can be an excellent choice. If you’re looking to add warmth and color, earthy reds and oranges can do the trick. However, if you’re decorating a kids’ room, consider using bright yellow, red, and orange. You may also consider using a patterned rug as either a cohesive element or as a statement piece.

Remember that a bedroom is a place for relaxation, rest, and restoration, serving as your personal refuge from the chaos of the outside world. Therefore, the colors you choose for your bedroom should evoke feelings of peace and tranquility.

As you add color to your bedroom, whether through paint, soft furnishings, or curtains, don’t forget to pay attention to the floor. The right rug can tie the entire room together, completing your desired aesthetic and adding that extra touch of comfort.

7 Tips For Choosing The Best Bedroom Rug Color

When it comes to selecting a color palette for a room, there is no fixed starting point. You have the freedom to draw inspiration from various elements, such as a luxurious curtain fabric, an intricately patterned rug, or a stunning new dining table.

However, it is considered a prudent designer’s approach to begin with the most expensive decor item, as it is less likely to be replaced frequently. In the case of the living room, the sofa typically takes on this role.

Contrary to common belief, the bed doesn’t necessarily have to be the focal point of a bedroom’s color scheme since bedding can be easily changed without incurring significant expenses. Instead, you can opt for a lavish rug that not only adds a touch of opulence but also provides a cozy and comfortable feel underfoot.

While curtains play an important role in darkening a bedroom, it’s worth considering the sensory pleasure that a plush rug can offer. Not only does it minimize the sound of footsteps, but it also keeps your toes warm. Investing in such daily comfort is certainly worthwhile.

Additionally, a rug can act as a “fifth wall,” serving as an inspiration or anchor for a room’s design. Consider the following suggestions to assist you in selecting the perfect rug for your bedroom:

The Ambience (Mood) You Want to Create

When considering the ambiance you wish to create in your bedroom, it’s important to determine the desired mood. Identifying the specific atmosphere will facilitate the selection of an appropriate rug color.

Do you envision a serene and calming spa-like retreat characterized by soothing blues and grays? Or perhaps you prefer a more feminine touch with floral patterns? Neutrals, being a timeless choice, are always in style. They promote a visually pleasing environment and evoke a sense of tranquility.

To further guide your decision-making process, it might be helpful to create a mood board showcasing the room’s finishes, colors, textures, and fabrics. This will ensure that your chosen rug complements the overall aesthetic of the space.

The Size of Your Bedroom

Neutral shades are an excellent choice for larger area rugs or expansive rugs. This is because a massive, brightly colored rug spread across the bedroom can be overpowering. However, if you want to add color to your space, neutral area rugs can provide an anchor. You can also layer the look by adding smaller accent rugs for a more visually appealing and dynamic design.

Create Cohesion

When considering the colors of the wall and floor, it is important to think about how they will complement the existing furnishings in the room. For example, if the room is already filled with vibrant colors, it would be wise to opt for a neutral rug. Neutral rugs have the advantage of seamlessly blending with any furniture placed on them, creating a timeless look that doesn’t require updating with changing fashion trends.

The versatility of neutrals makes them highly suitable for bedrooms. Even if you decide to change the colors of your bedding, add new lamps and artwork, or even paint the bedroom walls, the neutral rug will still effortlessly coordinate with the new elements. It is worth considering investing in a truly luxurious rug if you choose to keep it neutral.

Instead of choosing stark white, you might want to explore earthy beige, taupe, or tan options, as they are subtle and perfectly suited for Scandi and eco-chic bedroom styles.

A patterned rug can also serve as a cohesive element in your bedroom, tying together various elements such as bedding, curtains, and soft furnishings. Opting for a timeless striped design can be a great decision if you’re unsure about incorporating a patterned rug.

Favorite Color

When selecting a rug color, it is crucial to consider your personal preference. Take into account your favorite colors and explore various options that align with your taste. For instance, if you have a fondness for the color purple, you can opt for an accent rug. This will bring delight to your space, saving you the time and effort of repainting the entire room.

Make a Statement

A statement rug can serve as a beautiful and inspiring focal point for your bedroom redesign. Just like the ceiling, the floor can be considered the fifth wall of a room, contributing to its overall design. 

When choosing a statement rug, you have the option of selecting a boldly colored rug that can become the centerpiece of your bedroom. Alternatively, you can opt for an heirloom rug in muted gold and cream, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space.

To showcase the rug in its best light, it is advisable to keep the rest of the room’s color scheme neutral. By doing so, you can create a balanced and harmonious environment that allows the rug to stand out and make a statement.

Warm or Cool Colors

When deciding on the color scheme for your bedroom, you have the option to choose between warm or cool colors. Warm colors, such as saturated terracotta reds and oranges, have become popular trends in interior design, especially for creating an earthy atmosphere. In contrast, designers often opt for more muted shades for adult bedrooms, reserving primary colors for children’s rooms.

Among cool colors, blue is a perennial favorite in bedroom design due to its ability to induce sleep. Additionally, the popularity of green is on the rise, as people embrace all shades of this lush, natural color. These color choices can greatly impact the ambiance and overall feel of your bedroom, so take the time to consider which option will best suit your personal style and preferences.

Rug Texture

Berber rugs, woven in the traditional North African style, are known for their cream or beige backgrounds and gentle black or brown patterns. These rugs not only add depth and character to neutral interiors but also provide practicality as the speckled patterns help camouflage dirt and dust, making them suitable for children’s bedrooms.

For a black and white bedroom, consider choosing a budget-friendly imitation Berber-style rug to enhance its character. These rugs can easily uplift the overall aesthetic while offering durability and versatility.

On the other hand, Aubusson rugs are luxurious investment pieces. These rugs feature pale shades and intricate watercolor hues on a creamy background, making them exquisite statement rugs for any space.

To add a touch of opulence to your bedroom, opt for Persian or Turkish carpets. Look for a rug with a deep red background to create a focal point in a formal, traditional, or English country-style bedroom. A real wool rug will provide additional warmth and coziness.

While classic carpets come in various shades, rugs in spicy yellows and oranges are particularly magnificent statement pieces, especially when crafted from silk.

One of the joys of heritage rugs is that they continue to exude character even when faded and worn. With their muted earth tones, these rugs are perfect for vintage and country-style bedrooms. The distressed finishes often associated with farmhouse and shabby chic aesthetics add to their charm. However, a cherished and weathered rug can find its pride of place in any bedroom.

What Are The Best Rug Colors For Bedrooms?

When it comes to choosing the best rug colors for bedrooms, there are several options to consider. Some of the recommended choices include calming shades like blue and green that promote relaxation and tranquility. On the other hand, vibrant hues such as yellow, orange, and red can add a pop of energy and personality to the room. 

Additionally, using patterned rugs can help to create visual interest and further enhance the overall decor. By carefully selecting the right colors and patterns, you can bring a sense of style and comfort to your bedroom space.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a bedroom rug color, it is important to consider various factors such as your color palette, design aesthetic, and personal preferences. If you are looking to create a soothing atmosphere, neutrals and lighter colors are recommended as they help induce a sense of relaxation. On the other hand, if you want to add warmth to a room that feels dull, opting for earthy colors can be a great choice. 

Additionally, for those who want to make a bold statement, a patterned rug can serve as a unique focal point in the bedroom. By considering these factors and making a well-informed choice, you can enhance the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your bedroom.

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