How To Make My Bathroom Look Expensive

How To Make My Bathroom Look Expensive? 10 Easy Ways!

Does your bathroom look like a cheap one? I know that many of you here want to make your bathroom look expensive so that if you have any house guests, they will feel comfortable in your bathroom. 

So, here are the 10 things that I want to give to you to make your bathroom look expensive. Let’s go!

Make Things Fluffier

In this bathroom designed by Julie Holloway, you can see that adding a rectangular fluffy rug in front of the vanity gives it a nice touch of elegance. Additionally, updating your towels and combining them with the rug can enhance the overall aesthetic. Neutral colors are highly recommended for this purpose.

Use Dimmable Lights

Are you tired of those bright bathrooms that lack ambiance and romantic vibes?

Consider using a dimmer to adjust the light power and create a more intimate and soothing atmosphere. Additionally, you can enhance the mood by incorporating ambient or concealed lighting, or even by adding sconces to the bathroom decor.

Try Some Candles

How To Make My Bathroom Look Expensive
How To Make My Bathroom Look Expensive

To create a cozy ambiance for your bath time, you have the freedom to carefully arrange candles in various spots. When the time comes, you can light them up to enhance the atmosphere. 

If you prefer a more dramatic touch or have a fondness for rustic decoration, lanterns can be an excellent alternative as well.

Replace Your Shower Head

How To Make My Bathroom Look Expensive

Having a rainfall shower head can elevate your bathing experience to a new level of luxury. It’s not necessary to invest in an expensive one, like the model shown above. Instead, you have the option to choose something more affordable that still provides a satisfying shower experience.

You can try this SUN RISE Shower System from Amazon.

Put Some Art 

Even though we spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom, especially for ladies, we often neglect to decorate or hang art on the walls. 

Adding a painting or other forms of artwork can significantly transform the appearance of your bathroom, making it more inviting and cozy. Don’t underestimate the impact that adding pieces of art can have on enhancing the overall ambiance of your bath space.

Add A Chair

If you have a spacious bathroom, why not consider incorporating a chair or ottoman? This simple addition can instantly elevate the overall ambiance, giving your bathroom an elegant and upscale look. 

To further enhance the aesthetic, you can opt for a fluffy pattern and complement it with a coordinating rug. Additionally, envision those heartwarming movie scenes where someone luxuriates in a relaxing bath while their companion sits closely, engaged in long, delightful conversations. Such a setting can create a truly romantic and cozy atmosphere.

Put Some Flowers 

Adding greenery to the bathroom is a great way to enhance its appearance. Plants not only add color and vibrancy, but they can also thrive in the humid environment. However, it’s important to consider that plants also require adequate light for their growth. 

If your bathroom has windows, it becomes an ideal space for plant decoration. Additionally, if you prefer low-maintenance options, you can consider using faux flowers as a hassle-free alternative.

Fix Your Stuffs

Do the things in your bathroom look like a mess? If that’s the case, then make sure to clean your stuff!

The stuff in your bathroom should be organized so that it will look more expensive. If you don’t get organized, your bathroom will look cheap. 

Add Some Bathtub Tray

Next thing you can do to make your bathroom look expensive is to add some bathtub tray. A bathtub tray can add much more style to your bathroom and it is also useful. 

You have the option to either create your own by following the detailed steps outlined by Cheyenne on her blog, Sense and Serendipity, or you can choose to purchase one instead.

You can try this Bathtub Caddy Tray. The looks of this bathtub tray is very luxurious, which will make your bathroom look more expensive!

Put Some Open Shelves

One of the best options to utilize your unused wall space is by adding open shelves, such as the ones sold by IKEA, where you can display your towels and enhance the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Final Words

That’s it! Those are the things that you can do to make your bathroom look expensive. I hope my article helps you on your journey in making your bathroom look expensive. Goodluck!

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