Nightstand Decor Ideas

19 Amazing Nightstand Decor Ideas

Are you curious about how to dress a nightstand? For you, this is the post! You will adore these 19 incredibly gorgeous nightstand decor ideas that I have put together.

One can style a nightstand in a plethora of ways. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming, particularly if you’re creating or redecorating your bedroom from the ground up.

Popular items to have on your nightstand include a charming lamp, photo, candle, and possibly a plant or vase. However, you can obviously personalize and design your bedside table to your taste.

Every taste in decor is catered to, whether it be pastels, farmhouse, modern, or minimalist. plus a few additional unique decorating concepts.

So let’s look at these creative nightstand decor ideas without further ado.

1. Use Wicker Trays

source: pinterest

Trays and baskets made of wicker are incredibly adaptable and have numerous applications.

Though they also look great on top of a side table, they are most frequently used to store laundry supplies or organize the pantry!

To make the area clutter-free, arrange everything you own, including the plant, book, candle, and lamp, on the wicker tray. It also gives a plain table a lot of warmth and texture.

You can get the table here!

2. Create a Vanity

source: pinterest

I live in a dorm room, so this is how my bedside table currently looks. Additionally, there isn’t much room to work with, as you are all probably aware. especially now that I share a room.

So one way to make the most of the small space is to build a little vanity on my nightstand.

You can store all of your beauty products in a small acrylic drawer organizer that you can purchase from Amazon.

To ensure that you don’t look like a clown while putting on makeup, add a mirror on top as well (LOL)! Btw, you can get the mirror here.

3. Clutter Free Nightstand

source: pinterest

This is the perfect idea if you’re searching for simple and minimalist nightstand decor ideas. This one feels really contemporary.

The most straightforward and effortless bedside table decor can be made by adding a small plant, your favorite candle, and a cute lamp.

To make it more unique, you could include a cute photo of you and your partner.

Large nightstand tables with lots of internal storage are my favorite kind. There is so much space inside for items that you wouldn’t be able to store anywhere else. (Or items you would prefer others not to see).

4. Coffee Table Books and Catch All Tray

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How beautiful is this idea for decorating nightstands? “Why are you putting coffee table books on a nightstand?” one may wonder.

They work really well for varying the intensity and bringing some intrigue to the area. For extra decoration, you can set a scented candle or diffuser on top of the books.

You can put books or magazines on your nightstand if you don’t like coffee table books there. If you read every night before going to bed or if you intend to read more, these books are fantastic.

In order to maintain a tidy and clutter-free nightstand, consider including a catch-all tray. All of the jewelry you wear on a daily basis can be stored there.

Has anyone else ever gone to bed wearing earrings and woke up the next morning with their ear screaming in pain?

That catch-all tray is a great reminder to take off your jewelry before bed—I know I have done it many times.

5. Mix in Tones of Wood

source: pinterest

Dark walnut colored nightstands are a great option if you want to deviate from the typical white or neutral nightstand decor ideas.

It’s a common question I hear, but it’s not necessary for a bedside table to match the bed.

It should, however, go well with the furniture you already have and be in line with your personal style.

Consider installing a wall sconce if you don’t like having a lamp on your nightstand or don’t have enough space for one. Although it won’t take up any room on your table, you will still have a lamp.

6. Only the Basics

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Eliminate all of the clutter as the first step towards a minimalist nightstand. It will clearly not look good if you have soiled dishes, empty glasses, or other items just lying around.

Keeping a minimal nightstand simple means adding just what’s necessary to make it look put together and not shabby. Keep a faux-stemmed vase, a table clock, and a cute lamp.

To add some warmth to the room, you can also hang a sentimental photo of your loved ones.

7, Poster and Tulips

source: pinterest

Adding a poster quote to your nightstand table is an easy way to make it look nice. If none of the prints on Etsy appeal to you, you can always commission a custom print. There are a ton of options available.

Another very enjoyable way to add some color and brightness to the room is to add faux flowers. Furthermore, unlike with real flowers, you don’t have to keep up with them.

8. Add a Fun Lamp

source: pinterest

Styling your nightstand requires adding a lamp to your bedside table. If you’re at a loss for what to place on the table, they can be a great way to take up some of the space.

Lamps are useful if your overhead lighting isn’t very good. Additionally, your reliable lamp is available if you want to read for a little while without waking up your partner.

Assemble some books, a table clock, and fake flowers.

9. Skincare Station

source: pinterest

We should all wash our faces twice a day to remove all of the dirt and sunscreen, isn’t that common knowledge?

I spent a very long time struggling with this. I used to simply go to bed wearing makeup because I was so exhausted and lethargic.

Ouch! Should you frequently neglect to cleanse your face or lack the motivation to walk to the restroom, like I do, store all of your daily skincare products in a decorative tray or crate on your nightstand.

Additionally, keep a bowl of water on your bedside table at all times so you can quickly wash your face there. It will become second nature to you and easier with time.

To make it look nice, arrange some decorative items like trays, candles, and books.

10. Vanity Tray and Lilies

source: pinterest

Whichever size your bedroom is, this nightstand decor idea is fantastic! Choose one that is smaller if you are short on space.

There are a tonne of stores that carry a huge selection of nightstands that match your style. Use pink lilies or any other preferred flower to add a pop of color.

Gather all of your décor and arrange it behind your preferred vanity mirror. The one above has a mirrored effect and is from Amazon.

11. Beauty Lover

source: pinterest

Do you not like the conventional ideas for nightstand decor? Not a problem! Keeping everything on your nightstand makes it more convenient for daily use if you enjoy applying makeup and skincare products every day.

To keep everything tidy and orderly, arrange all of your products on a marble tray like the one above.

For the ideal decor, add a scented candle and a cute lamp!

12. Gold Accents and Wall Pictures

source: pinterest

Adding brass or gold accents to your decor, in my opinion, just exudes luxury. Any room is made cozier and more elegant with the addition of gold accents.

When styling a nightstand, it can occasionally appear empty. That might be because the wall space behind is empty rather than because you didn’t add enough décor.

This issue can be easily resolved by hanging your most cherished photos to add some coherence. These could be beautiful prints or images of cherished ones.

13. Roses and Candles

source: pinterest

Are you looking for simple, aesthetically pleasing nightstand decorating ideas?

For a quick and easy way to add some visual interest, add a vase filled with gorgeous roses that vary in color.

Faux flowers are available on Afloral. They can select from a wide range of options.

A balanced and clutter-free nightstand can be achieved by adding a few picture frames and a candle. I adore the candles from Anthropology. They have such a lovely scent and appearance.

14. Open Shelf Nightstand

source: pinterest

The open shelves on a nightstand are my favorite feature if there is one. They are fantastic if you want to store an extra blanket or pillow or add some extra decor.

A wonderful way to add some greenery and life to the room is with faux plants. Remember to purchase a charming lamp! If you’d rather your design to be more asymmetrical, wall sconces are an option.

15. Utilize Woven Baskets for Organization

source: pinterest

These woven baskets are probably already in your pantry or house. If you don’t already have them, you can purchase them for a reasonable price on Amazon.

When it comes to storage and organization, these baskets are invaluable. Extra blankets, pillows, or anything else you desire can be kept in there.

This will ensure that your space is always tidy and free of clutter.

If you want to always keep the surface of your nightstand tidy, think about adding a jewelry box or storage box.

16. Drawer Acrylic Organizer

source: pinterest

This nightstand decor idea is ideal if you prefer to keep everything tidy and orderly at all times.

Drawer organizers made of acrylic are a fantastic way to stay organized and productive. Invest in acrylic drawer organizers and stuff everything you need into each space.

It’s a great place to keep things like chargers, medicine, sleeping masks, and scrunchies.

17. Use Ikea Kallax as a Nightstand

source: pinterest

Why not use the Ikea Kallax shelf unit as a nightstand if you’ve been looking for uses for it? There is an abundance of space for both storage and décor thanks to the open shelving.

To add visual interest, arrange flowers, a scented candle, a lamp, or a book on the nightstand’s surface. You are free to use the open shelves however you see fit.

Whether for extra decoration or for keeping things organized.

18. Clear Lamp and Decorative Objects

source: pinterest

This bedside table inspiration is ideal if you prefer the more understated and straightforward nightstand decor ideas.

For the most pristine and tranquil setting, gather a clear lamp, picture frames, scented candle, coffee table book, and faux flower vase.

If the bottom of your nightstand is open, use it to store extra items and organize your belongings by placing a woven basket there.

19. Rolling Cart Nightstand

source: pinterest

This nightstand decor idea is great if you don’t have a lot of space, like in a college dorm room or small apartment!

Arrange items such as a jewelry box, clock, vase, and fake flowers in the upper section to serve as décor. The two sections at the bottom can be used as additional storage.

Think about storing there your various items such as books, blankets, chargers, and other items.

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