Outdoor Cooking Station Ideas

15 Outdoor Cooking Station Ideas

Welcome to our most recent blog post, in which we delve into the fascinating realm of outdoor cooking stations! You’re in for a treat if you love to cook outside or if you’re a BBQ enthusiast or grill master. We’re serving you a feast of 15 creative outdoor cooking station ideas today that are sure to improve your outdoor cooking experience. 

We’ve put together an eclectic assortment to help you build your next outdoor kitchen haven, from chic and contemporary styles to charming rustic pieces. So grab an apron and light up the grill, and join us as we set out to find the best outdoor cooking settings that combine design, utility, and a little bit of adventure. Come on, let’s cook!

Affordable Built-In Barbecue


In addition to a refrigerator, storage, and a grill, this farmhouse-style station by @chelseehood has an abundance of counter space for serving and preparation.

To produce the board and batten effect, cedar strips are added to the concrete board and metal studs that make up the frame. Sherwin-Williams Pure White was then applied to the entire structure. View the comprehensive DIY guide here.

DIY Grill Cart


For serving as well as arranging grilling supplies and prep components, a straightforward grill cart works well. The towel bar, bottle opener, convenient hooks, and storage shelf are all included in this homemade barbecue cart by @angelamariemade.

When the cart is needed, its casters make it simple to roll it out and store it away for the winter. Examine the detailed directions.

Wood-Burning Pizza Oven


Consider a pizza oven as an alternative to the typical barbeque grill. Handcrafted from clay, this DIY wood-burning model from @theoldforgecottage has built-in wood storage. For an option that requires no installation, consider this countertop version.

The experience of eating delectable wood-fired pizza prepared in front of them will delight guests!

Modern Luxury


You might have an elaborate or simple outdoor cooking area. This stunning station, designed by @yorkshirehousebuild and highlighted by @whistlergrillsltd_, is the epitome of contemporary luxury.

There is a built-in grill and a ton of secret storage within the wood frame framework. Slatted wood, or roof battens tinted to blend in with the fence, gives the design a streamlined appearance. 

Serving Station


With this serving station, you can quickly set up a tiny outdoor kitchen. Put it next to the grill for stylish storage with closed doors. The all-weather resin body and stainless steel top withstand outdoor conditions admirably.

Corner Cooking Station


Your backyard’s odd, underutilized corner is the ideal spot for a cooking station. This one from @mrs_benrich_home has a grill, cabinet storage, and a wood-burning pizza oven. Extra points for having a herb garden that makes fresh ingredients easily accessible!

In addition to adding ambience, string lights around the fence enable outdoor dining and cooking well after the sun sets.

Upcycled BBQ Station


This outdoor cooking station created by @__make__space__ uses only repurposed materials! With a new coat of paint, they transformed an old potting bench from Facebook Marketplace into the prep and storage table, and they made the fence-mounted shelf out of a floor board.

All you need to build a practical and reasonably priced station is a grill and a few other parts.

Propane Grill Island


Too busy to construct your own station? Take a look at this Tytus propane grill island, which features an integrated ice bin, a 14,000 BTU sear burner, and a BBQ grill. With mounted casters, the entire island moves with ease. Just unfold it when it’s time to light the grill!

Covered Grill Station


You may shield and raise your outdoor cooking station with a gazebo. See the transformation of this grilling area by @blissfullythebensons with a pre-made aluminum gazebo.

The tile patio, light fixture, and roof coverage turn the area from an afterthought into a lovely, integrated backyard element. This grill gazebo is comparable and features convenient storage and a vented canopy.

Grill Shed


When not in use, the cooking area is hidden and safe with this grill shelter by @woodbrew. Easy to open doors with gas strut hydraulic hinges reveal a prep counter, wall-mounted shelves, storage cabinet with drawers, and smoker grill. It’s a compact design that has everything you need to put together a tasty outdoor dinner!

DIY Outdoor Deck Kitchen

Source: placeofmytaste

This outdoor kitchen has everything you need to host parties outside and can be built directly into your deck. Naturally, you have complete control over what you add and the kind of finish you choose—stainless steel, for example. If you don’t have a deck to build it on, you can still construct a small patio portion with relative ease. This one is really simple to make.

DIY Stone Covered Grill Island

Source: thisoldhouse

This DIY grill island is the ideal outdoor kitchen, if you have the space. If you have a few buddies who can assist with the hard lifting, you can do this project in a single weekend. When it’s finished, you can cover it with stone, which looks amazing, or you can cover it with brick or another material. Building one yourself will save you a ton of money compared to hiring a professional to create one. It’s also rather straightforward. 

Outdoor Kitchen Bar With Pergola

Source: instructables

This outdoor kitchen is amazing! It’s not at all a difficult project to make, even though it might take you a week or so. It has a gorgeous pergola overhead. Don’t you think the pergola really lends it a tranquil, Caribbean vibe? This may also be built as an independent kitchen or placed on the end of your deck.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen With Concrete Countertops

Source: instructables

Concrete worktops, like those in this stainless steel outdoor kitchen, are ideal for outdoor use. You don’t have to be concerned about your countertops buckling or cracking due to weather when you use concrete. Building this one is really simple; you start with steel studs and work your way up from there. On this one, you can even embellish your concrete surfaces with a gorgeous tempered glass inlay.

DIY Outdoor Kitchenette

Source: remodelaholic

In just a few weekends, you can transform a simple patio or deck into a fantastic little kitchenette. In comparison to a conventional outdoor kitchen, this one requires a little more work but offers a lot more area. It’s filled with cabinets! Even better, there’s a bar on one side where you can sit and enjoy a great spot to eat outside on those summer evenings.

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