11 Easy And Fast Ways To Prepare Your Home For Guests

11 Easy And Fast Ways To Prepare Your Home For Guests

Ding dong! It’s your guests at your doorstep – and you realize you’ve got an untidy home. You may feel overwhelmingly pressured, but don’t let it dampen the excitement of spending time with your loved ones. 

Prepare your abode beforehand without causing any stress using these stress-free tips that won’t take too much of your time or energy.

11 Stress-Free Ways To Prepare Your Home For Guests

Clean Your Entryway

It is highly advisable to allocate your cleaning efforts to the entryway and porch. This particular area serves as the initial point of contact for your guests upon arrival, presenting a valuable opportunity to create a welcoming ambiance. 

To ensure a positive impression, devote attention to tidying and decluttering this space. By doing so, not only will you make your guests feel at home, but also provide them with a warm and spacious reception.

Do a Quick Cleanup

Just before your guests are expected, take a moment to do a brief walkthrough of your house (approximately 15-30 minutes). During this time, ensure that any laundry, shoes, toys, or other items that may be cluttering the floor are tidied up. 

Additionally, swiftly run the vacuum over your floors to create an appearance of cleanliness and readiness for your arriving guests.

Ask Ahead 

To ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for your guests, it is recommended to inquire about any specific dietary restrictions, allergies, favorite foods, or daily routines they may have. 

Gathering this information prior to their arrival allows you to prepare in advance and have necessary items readily available. Taking these steps not only demonstrates your attentiveness but also conveys a sense of genuine care and consideration.

Prepare a Basket of Easy Breakfast Items

One of our favorite ways to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests in our home is by setting up a breakfast bar. It’s often challenging to prepare three meals a day while entertaining, so having a quick and convenient breakfast option is a thoughtful touch. 

For the breakfast bar, we recommend placing a basket on your kitchen table, island, or counter and filling it with a variety of items.

To ensure a satisfying breakfast experience, consider including fresh fruit, homemade oatmeal bars, packaged pastries, cereal, protein bars, and, of course, coffee! Having these options readily available will make it easier for your guests to fuel up and start their day off right.

Make the Bed

To ensure a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests, take a few minutes before their arrival to place clean linens on the bed and fluff the pillows. These small touches will make them feel exceptionally welcomed.

Additionally, adding extra pillows and blankets will contribute to creating a delightful and cozy environment.

Consider going the extra mile by equipping the guest room with essential amenities such as an alarm clock, tissues, and a trash can. These thoughtful additions will enhance their comfort and convenience during their stay.

Clear a Shelf or a Countertop

In order to ensure a comfortable stay for your guests, it is recommended that you clear a single shelf, table, or countertop in the room they will be staying in. This will provide a designated area for them to store their suitcases and personal belongings during their visit. 

Additionally, if time permits, it is advisable to clear some closet space as well. By doing so, you can further enhance their experience and provide ample room for their belongings.

Set Out Clean Towels and Washcloths

To ensure a comfortable stay for your guests, it is important to provide clear instructions on where to find fresh towels and washcloths. 

A thoughtful gesture would be to place them either on the bathroom counter or at the end of their bed. By doing so, you will make them feel truly welcomed and well-taken care of during their visit.

Light Some Candles

When preparing to show a home, real estate agents often recommend baking cookies. The reason behind this suggestion is the power of pleasant smells in creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

You can further enhance the ambiance by lighting soy wax candles, wax melts, or using essential oils about an hour before your guests arrive. 

By doing so, you can create a great-smelling house that feels fresh and inviting, ensuring a positive first impression for potential buyers or visitors.

Light Up the Fireplace

During the fall and winter months, the comforting and inviting warmth of a crackling fire adds a soothing ambiance to your home. It not only keeps the house cozy and snug but also provides an ideal gathering spot for guests once they arrive and get settled in. 

Additionally, the mesmerizing glow and gentle crackling of the fire create a tranquil atmosphere that enhances relaxation and fosters meaningful conversations.

Play Some Background Music

To create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, consider playing some background music. During the holiday season, Christmas music can add a festive touch for guests staying over. If it’s not a holiday, opt for soothing tunes set at a low volume, ensuring it provides a subtle background ambiance for perfect relaxation.

Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s also where your guests are likely to spend the most time. Make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy before your guests arrive. Wipe down your countertops, sweep the floors, and empty the dishwasher. If you don’t have time for a deep clean, at least make sure that everything is in its place.

Final Thoughts

Prepping your home for guests can seem stressful, but with these simple tips, you can get your home ready with plenty of time to spare, allowing you to connect with your guests and enjoy quality time together. Remember to keep it easy and efficient, and who knows, they might stay longer!

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