10 Things Nobody Needs At Home After 30

10 Things Nobody Needs At Home After 30

Decluttering your home is a great way to reinforce a feeling of change when you want a new beginning. A new year, a move, or a relationship change are all excellent occasions to inventory your possessions and get rid of anything you don’t need. Why not treat a significant birthday with the same attitude?

Here are 10 things you might not want to keep in your adult life if you’re just turning 30 or if you’re just ready for a little decluttering:

Cheap, Wire Clothes Hangers

It makes sense to choose high-quality clothing over fast fashion that you’ll only wear once. The same logic applies to how you arrange your clothing. If you still use thin wire hangers, consider upgrading to a more substantial collection, such as high-quality plastic or solid metal hangers, or choose wooden hangers for a more opulent (and minimal) look. Most likely, you won’t ever return to your wire hanger ways!

A Collection Of Shot Glasses 

Keeping a few shot glasses in your kitchen is a good idea. The need for an Old Fashioned (or even just a few tequila shots) is never predictable. However, you probably don’t need to have six of them sitting around in your cabinet. It’s acceptable to send away half, if not more, of them, unless you’re keeping them out of sentimentality. — of your holdings. (And if you are keeping them out of sentiment, think about whether they really need to take up space in your kitchen.)

College Textbooks

Absolutely nothing is wrong with keeping a few of your favorite college textbooks, especially if you’re in the industry you studied. But really, how likely is it that you’ll open your Biology 101 textbook from your freshman year? Make room for your current book collection and give it to someone who needs it.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Even though it might seem obvious, it’s a good idea to go through your dresser and closet at least a few times a year to determine what you need and what you don’t. Check for any holes, stains, or wear and tear that renders any items unwearable in addition to trying things on to make sure they still fit. And as a general rule, think twice about keeping anything that you haven’t worn in the past 12 months, whether it be clothing, shoes, or accessories. 

Mismatched Plastic Cups

If you don’t have children or are particularly clumsy, it might be time to start building your own collection of glasses that aren’t from the neighborhood fast-food chains. We adore a good set of glass mugs to dress up the ordinary (and provide you with a vessel to mix drinks in when you have guests over).

Old, Unused Bedding

Are you preserving that extra-long twin sheet set in case you choose to purchase a dorm bed in the future? Any old bedding that isn’t in your regular rotation will probably just gather dust and take up space. Put it in the donation pile if it’s tidy and in good condition.

Ratty, Mismatched Towels 

Nothing says “adulthood” like a matching set of sturdy, plush towels. There is a time and place for a few stray beach towels, but if your bathroom storage is crowded with worn-out, outdated towels and washcloths, get rid of them and replace them with a few higher-quality ones.

A Collection Of Novelty Mugs In The Kitchen

We understand. The idea of drinking your morning coffee from a mug you acquired on a trip in the early 2000s is strangely nostalgic. The number of novelty mugs taking up room in your kitchen cabinets, however, is probably not something you need. 

Just keep what you use in your kitchen and select the mugs that have the most significance to you. If you have extras, think about using them as pencil holders or pots for miniature plants; they’ll get much more attention on your nightstand or desk than in the back of the cabinet.

Old, Unused Electronics

Since you can just stream it, why would you use your outdated Dell laptop from college or curl up on the couch with your multiple “Friends” DVDs? Everything that is no longer in use, including DVDs, CDs, laptops, dated cell phones, and broken printers, should be put away right away. 

Donate anything you haven’t used recently or don’t intend to (or, of course, if it doesn’t work). You might even be able to resell some items to generate income (and free up space) for the items you do use and consume, such as your expanding vinyl record collection.

Mismatched Food Containers

Plastic food storage containers are often affordable and practical. However, mismatched, discolored, or warped containers are a warning to take the plunge and spend money on some high-quality containers to realize your meal-planning fantasies. The ones that came with your takeout order won’t last you nearly as long as a set of glass food containers with locking lids because they are harder to clean. Check to see if you can donate the plastic containers locally or pass them on to a sibling.

Wrapping Up

So, to wrap it up, those are the things nobody needs at home after 30. Consider my tips to you if you want to have a lovely home!

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