Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Keep When You Move

9 Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Keep When You Move

Packing for a move can be a daunting experience, from clearing up your clutter to finding the right boxes to pack your belongings. The truth is, moving is an opportunity to reevaluate your things and decide which ones are worth taking with you. 

In this blog post, we’ll help you declutter and make your moving process a lot smoother by discussing the things you should absolutely let go of before packing your bags.

Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Keep When You Move

Mismatching Sets

Maker describes a common situation that many of us have encountered. It often happens that we own a complete matching set of plates or bowls, but also have a handful of miscellaneous pieces from various sources. These might include a souvenir plate from a relative’s trip to Europe or a bowl that miraculously survived from our college dorm days. 

Unless these additional pieces are truly necessary or if you deliberately desire a mismatched aesthetic, Maker suggests considering the option of donating them. Chances are, they are not being utilized frequently anyway, and their presence may hinder the proper stacking of other plates.


Mugs make for inexpensive gifts that are often underutilized. Even in households with regular tea or coffee consumption, collections tend to surpass actual requirements. To optimize your mug collection, consider keeping matching sets or cherished gifts, and generously donate the remaining pieces to declutter your space. By doing so, you can ensure that your mugs bring joy to others while minimizing clutter in your home.

Small Kitchen Appliances

When you’re in the process of moving, it’s unlikely that you’ll take along your oven and fridge. However, you might have a range of small kitchen appliances that are currently sitting idle. If you rarely use your panini press or electric kettle, consider donating them or giving them to friends who could put them to good use. This way, you can declutter your space and ensure that these appliances find a new home where they will be appreciated and used effectively.

Expired Food

It is important to be mindful of the items you pack when moving, and this includes pantry items such as spices and oils. While it may seem obvious to discard perishable food like last week’s ziti casserole, it is also crucial to check the expiration dates of other ingredients. 

Spices, for instance, can lose their potency over time, rendering them less effective in enhancing the taste of your dishes. While they may not pose any health risks, using expired spices like oregano can adversely affect the flavor of your meals. 

Additionally, if you are unable to compost at home, you can often find designated drop-off spots in your city for proper disposal. To prevent accumulating an abundance of barely used spices in the future, consider cleaning out the bottles and purchasing smaller quantities from the bulk section of your grocery store. This approach not only helps in reducing waste but can also save you money in the long run.

“Bad” Linens

It is common to have a collection of mismatched dishware or some less desirable towels and sheets in your linen closet. These are usually the sets that you don’t particularly like anymore, but still keep them around or the worn-out towels that you didn’t discard when you replaced them with new ones for the guest bedroom. 

To declutter and streamline your collection, it’s recommended to only keep the items that you actually use. As for the old towels and pillows, you can consider donating them to a pet shelter where their new furry owners won’t mind their slightly ripped or faded condition.

When it specifically comes to pillows, here is a quick test that Maker recommends to determine if it’s time to replace them: Fold the pillow in half, and if it expands back to its original shape, you can continue using it. However, if it stays folded, it’s best to donate it along with the rest of your linens to a charitable organization such as a pet shelter.

Anything That’s Been In Storage For Too Long

When it comes to items that have been left untouched in storage for over a year, such as Christmas decorations that never made it up or old sports equipment, consider donating them. This also applies to unused kitchen appliances. By doing so, not only will you save yourself the hassle of moving them around, but you will also be able to find a suitable place for storage.

Clothes You Don’t Wear

You probably have a bunch of outfits that are stuffed in the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in years. Declutter by getting rid of clothes that are broken, stained, or don’t fit you correctly. Consider donating the clothes in good condition to a charity or sell them online to make some extra cash.

Old Appliances

If you have outdated appliances that don’t work efficiently or take up too much space, it’s better to get rid of them. Not only will you have more space in your new home, but you’ll also save money by not having to pay to have them relocated. If you’re thinking of upgrading your appliances, check out buying new ones once you’ve moved in.

Damaged Or Old Books

If you have books with torn or bent pages, water damage, or books that you have already read and won’t read again, it’s time to part ways. It’s easy to get attached to books and the thought of getting rid of them may seem daunting, but it can add weight to your moving boxes, and once again won’t fit the style of your new home. If you’re unwilling to donate or give away your books, consider an eBook version instead.


Moving is an exciting and stressful time that requires careful consideration of your belongings. By leaving behind these 9 items, you’ll be creating a fresh start in your new home. Be ruthless in your decluttering, and you’ll be surprised at how much more organized and relaxed you feel in your new space.

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