Things You Don’t Need in Your Kitchen

10 Things You Don’t Need in Your Kitchen

Maximize your small kitchen’s countertop by making every square inch count. Take a moment to look around – you’ll likely find items that rarely see the light of day. Clear the clutter and tuck away those infrequently used items. 

Not only will your kitchen be clean and tidy, but it will also appear larger, leaving you with an uplifting feeling. Ready to create more cooking space? Here are some items to consider putting away:

1. Toaster

Things You Don’t Need in Your Kitchen

Don’t let a toaster fool you; it may seem indispensable, but it also hogs up valuable space on your countertop. Rather than having it constantly in sight, simply stash it away in a cupboard until it’s time to satisfy your toasting cravings. 

This not only frees up your counter space but also keeps your kitchen looking neat and organized. So say goodbye to big, bulky appliances cluttering up your workspace and hello to a more visually appealing culinary haven.

2. Microwave

Things You Don’t Need in Your Kitchen

Consider where your microwave could better serve you. Sure, a microwave may seem like a must-have, but ask yourself: do you really cook in it? Or is it mainly for popcorn popping and reheating leftovers? 

Perhaps it’s time to rethink its placement—perhaps over the stove or on a side table, out of the way, yet convenient.

3. Utensils Spoons And More Spoons

Things You Don’t Need in Your Kitchen

Tired of cluttered utensils? It’s time to declutter that junk drawer and find a proper home for them. If storage space is limited, consider keeping only a select few in a stylish ceramic container on your stove or counter. Let’s tidy up and make your kitchen feel more organized!

4. Extra Dishes

Remember that ugly dinnerware your well-meaning friend gave you? It’s probably lurking somewhere in your cupboards, just in case you entertain more guests than your regular set can handle. But if that does happen, don’t worry! You can effortlessly rent plates from catering companies or borrow them from friends and family. 

And the best part? Donate it to a Goodwill or Salvation Army, knowing it’ll find a new home where it’ll be truly appreciated. Trust me, no one will ever notice it’s gone!

5. Coffee Maker

Don’t you just love your coffee maker? I sure do! But let’s be real, we don’t use it all day long. After your morning cup of joe, why not stash it away and free up some space to whip up a delicious dinner?

6. Cha-Keys

Having little knick-knacks, picture frames, and soap dispensers cluttering up your space is not only visually overwhelming, but they also accumulate grease from cooking. If these items aren’t used for cooking, it’s best to clear your countertops. 

Consider putting the dish soap under the sink where it belongs. Here’s another idea: hang the paper towels on the inside of a cabinet door. This way, they are easily reachable yet out of the way.

7. Chopping Blocks

If you’ve already bid farewell to the kitchen microwave, it’s time to target the chopping block next. Don’t let it gather dust if you’re not using it – find a new spot for it! An ideal home for your chopping block could be inside the cabinet where you store your pans. 

Simply slide it in and voila! It’s just a matter of relocating to make your kitchen more organized and efficient.

8. Extra Knives

Things You Don’t Need in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen counter is likely adorned with a large wooden block, but let’s be honest, only a few slots in it really get any action. A chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife are the true essentials that you need. Don’t bother cluttering up your space with unnecessary knives that you can’t even recall why you kept them.

Now, let’s talk about that drawer we all have – the one filled with a mishmash of random items that we don’t know where else to put. It’s time to clear it out and do yourself a favor by putting it away. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

9. Dish Towels

Let’s talk about laundry. How often do you find yourself doing endless loads of laundry? And within that never-ending cycle, how often do you feel the need to change out your dish towels? Now, picture that overflowing drawer filled to the brim with dish towels. 

I understand the appeal; they’re cute, funny, and can be swapped out with the changing seasons. But let’s consider this: do you really need several dozen of them? (Honestly, I’m asking for myself here.)

To help you see the light, imagine the moment when you’re folding laundry, constantly digging into the laundry basket, wondering, “Where on earth are all these dish towels coming from?” Trust me, it’s better to lighten the load and declutter your kitchen.

10. Pizza Cutter

Things You Don’t Need in Your Kitchen

We’ve become so accustomed to relying on kitchen gadgets that the idea of cutting pizza without one seems strange and unfamiliar. But let’s consider this: these gadgets are only necessary when making pizza from scratch or using frozen dough.

When ordering delivery, the restaurant takes care of slicing the pizza. After all, they’re experts who make hundreds, if not thousands, of pizzas every day. It makes perfect sense for them to have a dedicated tool for the task.

Unless you frequently indulge in frozen or homemade pizza—like, A LOT—a trusty chef’s knife or carving knife will work just as well. Plus, it won’t even take you any longer than using a pizza cutter.

So, next time you’re faced with cutting pizza, challenge the norm and embrace the simplicity of an alternative tool.

Final Words

Having a clean kitchen not only makes cooking easier but also saves you from the hassle of figuring out where to put all those extra items. Additionally, it helps reduce physical clutter, which in turn clears your mind from all the mental clutter.

And here’s the best part: you have the power to decide how these items can serve you best. Whether it’s moving them to another room, getting rid of them, or donating them, organizing your space is all about following your own rules and making it work for you. So go ahead, take charge of your kitchen and enjoy the benefits of an organized and engaging space!

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