How To Make Christmas Tree Look Taller

How To Make Christmas Tree Look Taller? Try These 4 Steps!

Christmas trees are a staple in many homes across the globe during the festive season. However, not everyone has a home with 20-foot high ceilings. So, when you bring home a regular-sized tree, you may feel that it does not look proportional to your room. 

Have no fear! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some tips on how to make your Christmas tree look taller.

How To Make Your Christmas Tree Look Taller?

Step 1

To facilitate this hack, begin by acquiring several pallets from your nearby hardware store. Additionally, gather some old blankets or sheets to safeguard your floors during the process. Personally, I initially visited both Walmart and Home Depot in my quest, but the kind individuals at Lowe’s generously allowed me to take a few pallets home without charge.

Nevertheless, I feel the need to caution you: Always remember to ask for permission from the respective store before taking any pallets. Engaging in such actions without consent can be construed as theft, and we certainly don’t want any behavior resembling that of the Grinch here!

Step 2

Firstly, we carefully laid the big pallet down in the designated corner, taking precautions by wrapping it in an old blanket to shield the floors. To enhance the overall presentation, I placed a pristine white blanket on top, effectively concealing the colors beneath and creating a delightful “snow-like” effect.

After securing the pallet, we proceeded to position the tree atop it. However, upon careful evaluation, it became evident that the tree did not reach the desired height, warranting adjustments to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

Step 3

If necessary, you can add an additional pallet (two is a reasonable maximum). For our purposes, two pallets proved to be the perfect solution. Furthermore, I placed the final smaller pallet under the second tree to ensure it matched the size of the larger one.

Step 4

To enhance the height of your trees, simply place your tree skirts on top of the pallets. This simple step will create a visually captivating effect, adding an impressive and impactful presence to your trees. Voila!

How Tall Your Christmas Tree Should Be?

1. Measure your space

Before you start shopping for a Christmas tree, it’s important to know the height and width of the space where you intend to display it. Ensure you measure your ceiling height and the width of the space available, so you know the maximum dimensions for your Christmas tree. As a general rule of thumb, your tree should be at least 6 inches shorter than your ceiling height, ensuring you have enough space for your tree topper.

2. Consider your decoration style

The size of your Christmas tree should also be determined by how you plan to decorate it. If you prefer simple decorations with minimal ornaments, go for a smaller tree that won’t overwhelm the room. For those who love going all out with decorations, a larger tree will likely be better suited for your needs, allowing you to display all your treasured ornaments and make a bigger impact in your space.

3. Think about your storage space

Another important consideration when choosing the size of your Christmas tree is where you will store it after the holidays. If you have limited storage space, a large tree could become a problem. Not only will it be challenging to store it, but it will also make it difficult for you to navigate around your home during other months. In contrast, a smaller tree can be easily stored and brought out effortlessly each year without creating any storage issues.

4. Determine your budget

The size of your Christmas tree will also affect the price. You’ll pay more for a taller and larger tree. So before you make your final decision, ensure you are aware of what’s in your budget. Don’t forget to factor in additional costs such as decorations, lights, and a tree stand.

5. Your preference matters

In the end, it’s all about your preference. If you love the idea of having a grand, towering tree, go for it. However, here’s a tip: always take a step back and look at your tree in comparison to your room. If it overwhelms your space, then it’s likely that your tree is too large. Alternatively, if your tree feels too small, add additional decorations to compensate for space.

Final Words

We hope that our suggestions on how to make your Christmas tree look taller help you add holiday magic to your home. Remember, when styling your tree, every detail matters, and using these tips can make a significant difference. So, try these ideas and enjoy a taller-looking Christmas tree this holiday season!

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