How to Make Your House Staycation Worthy All Year Round

How to Make Your House Staycation Worthy All Year Round

Do you enjoy how snug you feel when you stay in a holiday house or bed and breakfast? There are several simple methods to make your home feel more pleasant and cozy, as if you were always on vacation!

When my family goes on vacation, we enjoy staying at an Airbnb or Bed and Breakfast. Not only do you get home-like luxuries that you won’t find at a resort, but the tiny “extras” a good host provides make us feel snug and cared for.

Whether it’s a fully equipped coffee bar, pastries for your first meal, or a simple basket of amenities in the bathroom, these small touches make your stay especially special.

Turning Your Everyday Life into Vacation Time

What if you started incorporating some of those comfortable little touches into your own home?

How great would it be to know that you can come home every day to a residence that seems like a destination and lets you block out the outside world?

To establish a home base where your family enjoys hanging out?

To create a space that invites you to unwind and appreciate the peace and quiet after you’ve completed your long day and put the kids to bed?

Here are a few simple methods to make your home feel like your favorite vacation spot. These easy modifications to your home will have you feeling those calm “vacation vibes” regardless of how busy or stressful the rest of your day was.

Vacation Vibe Ideas for Your Bedroom

Add comfortable linens, blankets, and pillows to your bed.

Place a glass carafe of water (or one of these insulated Swell containers) on your nightstands to ensure you have a cold sip of water in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

To help you sleep well, place a relaxing linen spray and a silk sleep mask next to your bed.

A weighted blanket will also make you more comfortable and fall asleep sooner.

Add a sound machine to your bedroom to help you relax before falling asleep.

Next Level Spa Vibes in the Bathroom

Set out a lovely container in your bathrooms with extra amenities that your family enjoys using, such as bath bombs, face masks, bath salts, and scented shower gels. If you have a collection of sample-sized cosmetic products, arrange them in a little basket for everyone to use.

To encourage optimum relaxation, place a basket of soft slippers and fluffy robes in each person’s restroom.

Buy high-quality, fluffy towels for your bathrooms. Check out my guide to keeping your towels soft and fluffy for my top brands.

Cozy Dining That’s Better Than Room Service

Set up a basket or tray of snacks on your dining room buffet or kitchen counter for your family to munch on throughout the day.

Another fun idea is to convert one of these little carts into a mobile food center.

Serve supper off a board or place cheese and snack plates on your dining table. If you need ideas, start with Beautiful Boards: 50 Amazing Snack Boards for Any Occasion, or Platters and Boards. Don’t try to copy anything exactly; instead, use the books as inspiration and have fun.

Create a coffee bar so everything is ready to go in the morning. Add a multi-function coffee maker, a canister of decent coffee (my personal favorite), a bowl of sugar, some coffee syrups, and a couple nice coffee mugs. Just take the cream out of the refrigerator in the morning and you’ll be ready.

Good Times in Your Cozy Living Room

Add fairy lights wherever you think they’d look good for a soft, warm glow.

Alternatively, switch on a fairy light tree at night to create a lovely radiance. (Disclaimer: these fairy lamps aren’t really cute during the day, but they’re incredibly pretty when switched on at night; if you come across any that are cute enough to leave out all the time, please let me know!)

Add a cute retro-style mini-fridge, stock it with your family’s favorite beverages, and allow everyone to assist themselves.

Set out a variety of family-friendly games and clear space on your coffee table to encourage a family game night.

Set down floor pillows so you can curl up with a nice book or bunker down for movie night.

Don’t Forget Your Outside Space

Don’t forget about your outdoor space; construct comfortable seating spaces where you may enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine.

A fire pit, a comfortable lounge chair, or other outdoor furniture can help make your outdoor space feel like a hideaway in your own backyard.

An outdoor dining space is also ideal for holding fun “dinner parties” for your family and practicing your outdoor culinary skills.

Simple Things that Scream “Luxury Resort”

Keep a lovely drink dispenser on your kitchen counter, loaded with ice or lemon water.

Create a tea station, place a kettle on the stove, and invite everyone to enjoy an evening cup of (decaffeinated) tea.

Place a vase of flowers on your kitchen table and in any other room where you frequently spend time. Another wonderful touch that will give your home those “hotel vibes” is adding low-maintenance tropical plants to your living room or other rooms of the house.

Put a lovely covered cake stand on your kitchen counter and fill it with bagels for breakfast or a sweet treat for dessert.

Create a modest collection of your favorite wines so you always have something to sip for your own little happy hour.

Diffuse your favorite essential oils with this ceramic and wood diffuser. Not only will it complement practically any décor, but it’s also an excellent method to create the ambiance you want in your home. 

You can mix and match your oils to create the atmosphere of a calm spa day, tropical feelings, the aroma of a beach house, or memories of your favorite vacation destinations. (If you prefer, a scented candle works perfectly for this.)

Final Verdict

The key is not to go overboard in trying to apply all of these concepts. Choose a handful that will make your daily life feel like a vacation and your regular routines feel like a special occasion.

These little touches are a simple way to add new vitality to your home and make every day feel like a vacation.

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