Mistakes To Avoid In Your Bathroom Renovation

7 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is a big project that requires adequate planning and precise execution. However, it’s not an easy task, and many DIYers and homeowners often make mistakes that end up costing them more money, time, and stress than the renovation should have. 

In this blog, we will talk about the seven mistakes to avoid in your bathroom renovation project so that you can save yourself from the stress and headaches that often come with a poorly executed renovation.

Don’t Make Things Up as You Go

When embarking on a bathroom renovation, it is crucial to plan your project meticulously. Consider not only the must-haves and nice-to-haves, but also carefully select materials, lighting, countertops, plumbing, flooring, and color. Moreover, take into account your present and possible future needs. 

Given the limited space available and the interconnectivity of fixtures with plumbing or electricity, changing your mind once the project has commenced can be challenging, costly, and at times impossible. Thus, detailed planning plays a vital role in ensuring that you stay within your budget and complete the renovation on schedule.

Don’t Be Penny Wise and Fixture Foolish

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, such as sinks, faucets, shower valves, and toilets, it is imperative not to compromise on quality. While the availability of these fixtures spans a wide range of costs, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Opting for cheap, off-brand fixtures may lead to long-term complications, damages, and the need for repairs or replacements, eventually costing you more. 

Instead, consider purchasing from reputable suppliers or trusted online retailers like Build.com. While it may entail some added expense initially, investing in quality fixtures will pay off in the form of avoiding future damages and expenses.

Don’t Put a Dent in the Vent

Proper air circulation in the bathroom is not only more pleasant, but it also plays a crucial role in preventing the growth of mold and mildew. To ensure optimal air quality in your bathroom, it is essential to have a fan that is suitable for the size of the space and of the highest quality. 

Additionally, it is important that the fan vents air outside the house, as per code requirements. Venting into a wall cavity, joist opening, or attic is considered unacceptable and can lead to multiple circulation issues and the potential for mold growth in those areas. 

Collaborating with your contractor, you can create the necessary ductwork to effectively vent contaminated air outside and bring fresh air back inside, thus maintaining a healthy and comfortable bathroom environment.

Don’t Immediately Pull the Plug on the Tub

One aspect to consider when evaluating the functionality and aesthetics of a bathroom is the size and design of the bathtub. Some bathtubs may occupy a significant amount of space and lack the flexibility of smartly designed shower stalls. 

However, before deciding to remove an old bathtub, it is important to assess the potential impact on the resale value of your home. It is worth noting that the absence of a bathtub may immediately decrease the value. As an alternative, you might want to contemplate replacing the bathtub with a more modern option. 

If your budget and available space permit, an upgrade to a whirlpool or jacuzzi unit can be a suitable choice, optimizing the bathroom space effectively. Undoubtedly, such a thoughtful decision will be appreciated by your spouse.

Don’t Lose Steam on the Theme

Consider the considerable amount of time spent by you and your family in the bathroom. It is worth reflecting on how much this experience is influenced, positively or negatively, by an efficient, comfortable, and appealing design. It is crucial to maintain consistency and aesthetic appeal while also prioritizing the layout. 

For instance, it might not be ideal for the toilet to be the first thing you see upon entering. Instead, it is advisable to ensure adequate space near the sink and tub for activities such as brushing teeth and unhindered movement. Taking these factors into account will contribute to an overall enhanced and enjoyable bathroom experience.

Don’t Forget Essential Lighting

Bathrooms require excellent task lighting to facilitate activities such as shaving and grooming. In addition to artificial lights, supplementing with indirect sunlight can provide a refreshing and eye-friendly atmosphere during the day. 

It is important to have numerous task lights available, as well as accessible electrical outlets for hair dryers, shavers, and electric toothbrushes. Proper placement of these outlets is crucial for convenience. To enhance the ambiance, consider incorporating mood and color lighting for a stylish touch.

Don’t Pile on the Tile

When it comes to tiling showers, homeowners often face the dilemma of either attempting the task themselves or entrusting it to a contractor with questionable reputation or quality. However, even minor missteps during this undertaking can have severe consequences, such as substantial leaks that permeate walls and floors. 

Consequently, the resulting damage can be significant and arduous to remedy, effectively nullifying any savings initially gained. Furthermore, a similar DIY approach is often adopted when dealing with fixtures like towel racks and other wall-mounted elements. 

Not only does this pose a safety hazard when these fixtures are inadvertently dislodged, but it can also result in the extraction of substantial sections of the wall. Hence, it is vital to carefully consider the potential risks and complexities associated with these tasks before proceeding.

Wrapping Up

Your bathroom renovation journey should be stress-free, cost-effective, and give you the bathroom of your dreams. The above mentioned seven mistakes may seem insignificant, but if not given enough consideration, they can turn your renovation project into a nightmare. 

Plan your budget, incorporate storage space and adequate ventilation, choose the right lighting, and hire a professional contractor to ensure the renovation process is smooth. By avoiding the above-listed mistakes, your bathroom renovation project will be worthwhile, and you will achieve the bathroom you’ve always desired.

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