Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

An indulgent spa experience can work wonders for your mind and body. The calm, serene atmosphere and the luxurious treatments are simply irresistible. However, a spa session may not always fit into your busy schedule or budget. 

But don’t worry, you can easily recreate that luxurious spa experience at home! In this blog post, we’ll give you 10 simple yet effective ways to transform your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to pamper yourself!

Use Candles or Diffusers

The addition of a high-quality beeswax or clean-burning soy candle can greatly enhance the luxuriousness of even the most lackluster bathrooms. Candlelight, known for its soothing and forgiving nature, offers a unique and relaxing ambiance when compared to harsh overhead lighting. Transform your space instantly by lighting a few of these candles and dimming the overhead lights. 

Moreover, if you haven’t already embraced the benefits of diffusers, they provide an excellent way to infuse your home with delightful scents without any exposure to toxic chemicals. In recent years, diffuser technology has advanced significantly, and you can even find options that emulate the flickering effect of a traditional candle. 

As an alternative, we personally enjoy using a compact diffuser that we conveniently move between the bathroom and bedroom to create a delightful aromatic environment.

Add An Expandable Bathtub Tray

Investing in a small addition to your bathroom, such as an expandable tub tray, is a highly recommended strategy for creating an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere. By simply adding a scented candle and a captivating book, you can effortlessly set the tone for a tranquil and rejuvenating hour of self-indulgence. 

As a side note, it is worth mentioning that I personally favor using my Kindle e-reader over a traditional paper copy of a book, primarily due to its water-resistant features.

Add Fresh Eucalyptus

In my personal experience, I recently discovered a new practice that I found quite intriguing. Last fall, I decided to experiment with attaching several stems of eucalyptus to our shower head, and I must admit, it quickly became a habit. From my perspective, incorporating fresh eucalyptus into a steaming shower is the epitome of indulgence; nothing else can compare to the delightful and invigorating scent it emits.

Living in the Pacific Northwest region, my go-to destination for purchasing affordable bunches of eucalyptus or other types of greens is Trader Joe’s. For just a few dollars, I am instantly rewarded with a heightened shower experience each time I step in. Moreover, if you possess a certain level of ambition, once the eucalyptus stems dry out, they can be repurposed to create fragrant sachets for clothing drawers or closets.

Freshen Up With A Cute Shower Curtain

To achieve significant impact at a low cost, consider utilizing a shower curtain as a practical solution. When selecting a shower curtain for your guest bath, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of options. 

For instance, a colorful botanical shower curtain can add a vibrant touch, while a soothing neutral curtain may provide a more calming ambiance. Ultimately, it is crucial to remember that a shower curtain (or even alternative options such as paint or other elements) can be an opportunity for exploration and experimentation. Embrace the chance to step outside your comfort zone and discover new possibilities for enhancing your home’s style and aesthetic.

Add Plants

I have been emphasizing the benefits of incorporating plants into bathroom decor lately, and I can’t stress enough how well they complement this space. Hanging plants, in particular, have captured my heart. It’s surprising that I didn’t embrace the “plant lady” trend sooner, but now I’m fully on board!

Plants, such as Pathos and ferns, thrive in different areas of our home, but they truly shine in bathrooms. They bring an organic touch and whimsical lines that beautifully contrast with the rigid angles and hard surfaces of the room. Ferns, in particular, are a fantastic choice for bathrooms due to their preference for moisture and the overall luxurious spa-like atmosphere they create.

Bathroom plants not only enhance aesthetics but also promote a healthier environment. They purify the air, improve humidity levels, and elevate the overall ambiance. So, if you’re looking to elevate your bathroom experience, consider adding these green companions to your space. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Organize & Purge All The Little Stuff

Ensuring a successful room refresh or makeover involves the initial steps of purging and organizing. Although it may not be the most exciting task, it plays a crucial role in establishing a solid foundation for the transformation. By clearing away clutter, you can better evaluate the space and its potential. Furthermore, decluttering alone can significantly enhance the welcoming and functional aspects of your bathroom.

Additionally, consider cleaning out drawers and medicine cabinets to maximize storage efficiency. Invest in containers that can help corral both small and large items, creating a sense of order and tidiness. To add a touch of beauty to your daily routines, incorporate colorful containers or drawer inserts. These aesthetically pleasing details can elevate mundane tasks like brushing teeth or preparing for bed.

Lastly, consider adding a luxurious item to your medicine cabinet. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it simply needs to be something you enjoy. Whether it’s a special face scrub or a favorite hand cream, this little indulgence can enhance your overall experience in the bathroom.

Make Bottles & Containers Cohesive

Decanting your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash into a matching container set is an often overlooked but highly effective method to create a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom. This simple practice not only brings a visually calming and cohesive atmosphere but also evokes the feeling of being in a luxurious hotel every time you use them. 

While amber bottles add a touch of elegance, there is a wide variety of styles available in the market to choose from. Explore the countless options and elevate your bathroom experience to a whole new level of indulgence and relaxation.

Add Natural Materials (Like Sea Sponges)

After coming across an insightful article on the environmental impact of plastic loofahs, we made the switch to sea sponges several years ago. Not only did we significantly reduce waste, but we also discovered that these sponges elevate the aesthetic appeal of our bathrooms. Similar to plants, sea sponges introduce a pleasing organic element to a space that typically exudes a colder atmosphere, particularly one adorned with ample tile.

Roll Your Towels

Rolling your towels is a simple yet highly effective method to optimize space and increase towel storage capacity in your bathroom. This technique not only enhances functionality but also contributes to a spa-like ambience. Moreover, it proves particularly beneficial in situations where linen closet space is limited. Consider placing a charming basket filled with neatly rolled towels in your bathroom to achieve a stylish and organized look.

Consider Installing A Hotel Towel Rack

We decided to install a hotel towel rack in our guest bathroom due to its space-saving benefits. If you have a small bathroom and are experiencing a lack of space, I highly recommend considering this solution. 

With a hotel towel rack, you can conveniently store all of your guest towels in the bathroom where they are actually used, freeing up valuable space in other areas of your home. Additionally, having a hotel towel rack can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your bathroom, reminiscent of a high-end hotel experience. Isn’t that something we all desire?

Final Verdict

Transforming your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary is simple yet effective when you follow these tips. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or just want to pamper yourself, a spa-like experience is within reach. So, why not indulge in your own spa day today?

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